Before You Hire Ask These Questions to the Slip & Falls Law Attorney

There are several ways you can be injured; it could be on someone else’s property or by accident. No matter the cause, you should be getting legal advice as soon as possible, only a competent slip-and-fall injury lawyer can help you with it. An experienced personal injury lawyer provides a free consultation to learn more about the legal procedures of lining a slip and fall injury claim. This is the only opportunity where you can ask pressing questions and clear all your doubts. Some pressing questions that you can ask your personal injury lawyer are provided below:

Who is going to pay for the attorney’s fees upfront?

Slip and fall injury lawyers present in New York City like to work on a case basis, meaning they will take the risk of litigation, and only receive fees if you win the case. However, you may have to bear other upfront costs including court filing fees or fees to acquire documents that are vital for your case. Therefore, it is essential that you learn from your slip & falls law attorney regarding financial upfront outgoings for a personal injury case.

Winning record with slip and fall claims.

Make a wise move by learning whether your slip & falls lawyer in Queens, NY has the required experience managing slip and fall accident cases. Demonstrating negligence in a slip and fall injury can be tough, and you should be learning whether your lawyer has handled such cases before. Furthermore, a competent personal injury lawyer should have ample knowledge of state and federal laws. Your lawyer must have an expert witness available to offer testimony in your case when required. 

What are my chances to win the case?

No matter how proficient and experienced your slip & falls law attorney may be, it is impossible to tell whether you will win the case or not. It depends on how the case is laid before the court and how much evidence you have against a defendant. Also, if your attorney is prepared to take on your case on a contingency basis, make sure that you do not have to pay any upfront fees to get started on your case.

Do I get a chance for an out-of-court settlement?

The Bureau of Justice Statistics says many personal injury cases do not even reach the court. Your slip & falls law attorney will give you a sign, depending on your particular claim if an out-of-court settlement is possible in your case. If you hire a competent personal injury lawyer then he or she might tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of settling in court and out of court. Aside from that, you can still ask some questions that may be very specific to your case and the circumstances of your injury.

What is the compensation in a slip and fall claim?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical expenses coupled with lost wages can be too much with accident injuries. Therefore, you should be mentioning the subject of compensation when talking to your slip and fall lawyer.