Humans Can Now Detect Ai Text Very Easily

If you have ever used ChatGPT, you have noticed that GPT-3 is perfect and even feels like magic. It can create text with a simple command, could this be the choice to automate your B2B content output once and for all? But this magical clock can hide you from the truth and limitations of using AI to create blog posts and other marketing content. Now new applications are released every day to detect Ai generated text so you should not be using it to post something official or you will be putting yourself in jeopardy. Here are some reasons why AI-generated texts can be easily detectable.

Ai can provide wrong and biased information   

The main weakness of GPT3 so far is that it can include information in the texts that is just wrong. If you notice how these Ai text generators work, you will notice that they predict text rather than pulling information from the actual source. OpenAi has already admitted the fact that chatGPT “sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or meaningless answers” and “the system may sometime generate misleading information and put offensive content”.               Ai models take time to understand and do not always go for the latest information hence providing outdated statistics in the text. Hence, you can easily detect Ai text if you come across misleading or confusing information in content that may sound plausible but know the information is wrong.

Ai-generated texts do not have any sources

One of the easiest ways to tell that you are reading Ai-generated content is by using the GPT2 detector; it has a 90% accuracy to differentiate between Ai written and Human written content. You can still detect Ai text without using a detector all you have to do is go through the content and see if it has any sources. Sources prove the fact that the content is bearing authentic information so if no sources are cited in the article or blog then most certainly the content by made with AI. Sources, links, and connections are important not only for SEO but for the basic practice of any type of online writing.

Ai does not know your customers

Contents that are meant for a particular audience group mostly speak about their hopes, dreams, pains, and challenges. But Ai won’t do that because it does not know who your targeted customers are. Therefore, Ai is unable to empathize with your audience and that too goes missing from the writing. These writings can make the critical difference between Ai written content and human written content, with a close observation you can detect Ai text in these contents.

Ai cannot create a brand voice

Making engaging informative leadership content comes from having a point of view. It unites your special perspective, experience, lessons, information, and stories merging that expertise to provide information no one else can in a way that is profitable for your business and audience. You will find no shortcut to this. If someone has AI to do it then the content is trigged than turning to generic content. Anyone can easily detect Ai text by reading these contents.