Learn To Speak Chinese Quickly Using These Methods

If you are in Singapore and want to learn Chinese, it is certainly possible. It is a very good decision because this country has some of the best language schools in the world so sign up for a Chinese language course today. You can continue your daily Chinese lessons from the language school while you practice at home by applying some effective methods that will definitely improve your learning and make the learning experience more fun.

What is the goal behind learning Chinese?

Making your goals as explicit as you can help you achieve them more quickly. Discover why you are studying Chinese. Are you going for enjoyment, or maybe you will be relocated to China in a year? Do you wish to be able to converse with your in-laws or apply for a position where you need to speak business Chinese? You may make the ideal learn to speak Chinese” plan for your journey by responding to these sorts of questions.

Recognize your short-term and long-term goals

Start by establishing long-term objectives for where you want to be in one, two, and five years. Use that as the foundation for your goals by taking into account how much time you can actually devote to studying. You can start considering your short-term goals once you have a clear understanding of your big ambitions. These are more akin to short-term objectives for the next six months. You will revisit these short-term objectives much more regularly to make adjustments and assess your progress. If you succeed in achieving your short-term objectives, you will likely be better prepared to achieve your long-term objectives later on.

You want to become fluent within five years if that is your long-term goal then it is the perfect time to concentrate on the short-term goals. You should be able to read a Chinese book or be able to comprehend Chinese radio within the next three months and it should be your short-term goal. These goals can help you learn to speak Chinese quickly.

Apply SMART goals

Make sure your goals are “SMART” when you set them. In other words, the objective is Timely, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Together these five elements result in targets that are significantly more potent. For instance, if you claim that your goal is to “learn to speak Chinese SG,” you are being overly generic because this goal is very challenging to quantify. “Learn to write 20 new characters this month” would be a more concrete and quantifiable objective.

Select between Mandarin and Cantonese

You must choose between Mandarin and Cantonese as your language if your aim is to master Mandarin and learn to speak Chinese quickly. It is not advisable to learn both at once because they are enough dissimilar to cause confusion. In addition to Taiwan, some parts of Singapore, and increasingly Hong Kong, Mandarin is the most common dialect. Mandarin is quickly overtaking Cantonese as the primary dialect used in Chinese communities in the United States. Mandarin is frequently regarded as being simpler than Cantonese because there are fewer tones to learn.